Leslie Harris, Associate Profess or the Communications Dept. of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, will talk on the current condition of human trafficking. Please join us on October 20 at Hackney’s on Lake, Glenview from 11:30 – 1:00

RSVP to Linda Alexander linda.j.alexander@comcast.net by October 18.

LWV Glenview-Glencoe Study of Constitutional Amendment & Money in Politics

Please join us October 22, 2015 at the home of Ann Yoshida for the movie Pricele$$ being shown in conjunction with the Money in Politics study.

Offshore Web Hosting. The Constitutional Convention Consensus will be held October 28, 2015 at Glencoe’s Takiff Center, 999 Green Bay Road at 12:00pm

The next meeting on Money in Politics is scheduled for November 18, 2015 place tba

Glenview and Glencoe Have Merged

For up to date news, please visit glenview.il.lwvnet.org.  Thank you.

League says vote NO on Public Safety Officer Referendum

The Glencoe League of Women Voters recommends casting a No vote on the April 7 referendum on having a privately-funded Glencoe Public Safety Officer stationed in Central school for the 2015-2016 school year.

At a consensus meeting March 23, League members agreed that it is not good public policy to privately fund school district or village staff. It undermines the authority of the Glencoe School District #35 Board and the Village of Glencoe Board. It also sets a bad precedent because it would allow government by lobbyists or the wealthy.

The Glencoe School District #35 currently has a Glencoe Public Safety Officer assigned to each school. This officer provides security training, delivers educational programs on safety to students and conducts safety drills. The Glencoe schools have medical personnel on staff: nurses, social workers, and school psychologists who address the needs of students and faculty.

The Glencoe Board of Education established a District Safety and Security Committee that consisted of 25 members representing a broad based group from the community. This committee conducted thorough research including engaging three firms to conduct studies of the school’s safety practices. Based on this research, the School district implemented security measures, emergency safety procedures and facility upgrades.

In conclusion, the League feels that there is no need to have a dedicated armed officer stationed in any of the District 35 schools. In fact, the League members feel that an armed police officer would be detrimental to a feeling of safety at the school.

Accordingly, the Glencoe League of Women Voters recommends casting a No vote on this referendum.


The questions of the LWV of Glencoe Consensus Study for School District 35, Public Safety Officer Referendum:

1)Is it good public policy to privately fund staff in the Village?
Consensus: NO

a) undermines the head of the Department of Public Safety and the Superintendent of District 35 Schools
b) sets a bad precedent
c) becomes government by lobbyist and the wealthy
d) undermines the democratic process
e) the Glencoe Schools and the Public Safety Department accept donations but they are in charge of disbursing them to programs they deem appropriate. The donations have been for equipment and not for personnel

2) Should there be a stationed armed officer dedicated to any District 35 School?

Consensus: NO

a) creates a precedent to pay armed guards for other public areas
b) studies show that students feel less safe with an armed guard stationed in the school
c) the School Board studied the question and their consensus was also NO
d) all other safety procedures established at Central School make it unnecessary

3) Is a privately-funded pilot program a good idea if the public is expected to fund the position going forward?
Consensus: NO

a) a Public Safety Officer stationed at three schools would cost approximately $450,000/year
b) pilot programs are generally not privately funded
c) public has had an opportunity to participate in a public discussion regarding this proposal during the School Board school safety study. That study concluded that having an armed public safety officer was unnecessary.

4) Is there a need for a dedicated Glencoe Public Safety Officer stationed in Central School?
Consensus: NO

a) we already have sufficient safety programs
b) the Department of Public Safety already offers safety programs
c) the need for an EMT has been met
d) students already have many mentors at the school
e) the School District already devotes funds to social programs

5) Should the LWV of Glencoe support the School District 35, Public Safety Officer referendum question?Consensus: NO

LWVIL Issues Briefing

Annual Issues Briefing
Saturday, March 7, 2015
8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
University Center, 525 South State Street (between Harrison and Congress)

Registration materials will be online at LWVIL.org and will be included in upcoming issues of the E-News.

Registration will cost $60 per person if postmarked by February 21, 2015 and $65 after that.

Holiday Party

Gusto Gala Invite

LWV Support New Trier School District 203 Referendum


The Leagues of Women Voters of Glencoe, Glenview, Wilmette and Winnetka-Northfield-Kenilworth held a consensus meeting and decided to support the New Trier School District 203 facilities referendum on the November 4th ballot.

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Save the Dates

October 7: Board meeting
October 20: Glenview-Glencoe Lunch
October 28: Constitutional Convention consensus meeting
November 4: Board meeting
November 18: League study, Money in Politics
November 17: Glenview-Glencoe Lunch

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Quote of the Month – October 2015

published by Alice Duer Miller, 1915 Why We Oppose Votes For Men 1) Because man's place is in the army 2) Because no really manly man wants to settle any question otherwise than by fighting about it 3) Because men will lose their charm if they stop out of their natural sphere and interest themselves in other matters than feats of arms, uniforms and drums. 4) Because men are too emotional to vote. Their conduct at baseball games and political conventions shows this, while their innate tendency to appeal to force renders them particularly unfit for the task of government.


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